Weekend Warrior

Every morning should start with nice words and a hug

After switching coasts, starting a new job, getting acquainted with a new area, and meeting some cool new folks, I’m finally getting back into working out. It’s been a while.

It’s funny how quickly you get out of shape. It takes mere weeks to erase what it took months to achieve. Not cool. Granted, those weeks were spent sitting in a car, eating the most delicious travel-friendly snacks ,and sight-seeing some of the most beautiful places in the country. Still not cool, though.

In this new land of California, I’ve found a gym and have gotten fed up enough with my laziness that I’ve also found the motivation (when I’ve found the time) to get back to it. How do you all find time to workout? There’s got to be an easier way. Mornings aren’t really my thing, but I’m getting up at 6am to get ready for work and I usually get home by 7pm. Blame it on the commute. Sure, I can workout before 6, but that means losing out on things like sleep, or I could do something after 7, but that means postponing one of my favorite parts about my day: dinner. What’s a girl to do?

Fortunately, this schedule won’t last for long, but in the meantime I’ve been a devoted weekend work-outer. It’s my least favorite of all the types of work-outers. Weekends are for lounging and exploring, to be quite frank, but when workouts are neglected during the week, I guess sacrifices must be made. Thankfully, my day started with a workout and will end with a chick flick, popcorn, and sea salt caramel dark chocolate.

What to do when the internet gets you down

Relax, man

Happy Place

Well, not the internet, just some of the people on it. The internet is a magical place where you can simultaneously watch cat videos, find out which Hogwarts house you belong in, and buy camping gear. It’s usually a beautiful place.

Except for when it’s not. Do you ever find that sometimes people aren’t on their best behavior when they’re online? It’s like they didn’t get the memo: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Usually it’s easy to brush off rude comments, but when you’re emotionally invested in the thing everyone is commenting on, it can be hard to just shake it off (hey, Tay Tay!). There’s something to be said for constructive criticism, but there’s a point when the line is crossed and you end up in the world of plain old meanness. That’s kind of a bummer.

I suppose the obvious solution is to just get offline, but for many, that’s a bit unrealistic. So instead, maybe go for a walk, or a hike, or a slow-as-molasses jog (that was me today). Or start a hobby or jump into something you’re passionate about. I find that just staring out into the ocean does wonders. Don’t have an ocean handy? Tall trees help, or an open field, or a view of the city skyline. Whatever helps to take you out of the feeling that this one moment is bigger than it actually is. Negative people will say negative things; I don’t know the solution for that. I think everyone should just take a chill pill and learn to laugh a little more. Maybe we can just be good to ourselves, not take anyone’s words too much to heart, and then go find something that makes us happy.

We could also send good jujubes their way and hope those folks get a happy outlook one of these days.

Trail of Swedish Fish

The direction of the fish

Follow that fish!

So, it’s the first time in a long time that I went for a run outside. The weather was in the 60’s and, well, I suppose that’s warm enough. Everything was normal and fine and exhausting and crampy for the first little while and then for about a half mile in the middle of the run I find a trail of Swedish Fish. Not a pile of them, a trail of them. Who drops Swedish Fish to form a trail? Why would anyone drop Swedish Fish at all??


So sad.

Obviously accidents happen, but this was no accident. The only way I could think of this being a mistake is that someone had a bag of fish with a hole in it and as they were riding their bike down the sidewalk the fish slowly fell out to form a perfect trail. But really, that’s a stretch. The fish were so perfectly and suspiciously laid out one at a time that I can’t imagine it being anything but on purpose. And that’s a tragedy if I ever saw one.



The waste!


Just a few of the many left behind.

So I ponder over these sad fish that have been dropped on the sidewalk, never to be eaten and enjoyed. What does it all mean? Has anyone else found random things along their runs?

Winter White

Snowy Sand

One of the perks of snow at the beach: Snand

That’s what I’ve been channeling lately. Winter white skin, winter white snow, winter white skin because of the cold that comes along with winter white snow. Seeing where we’re going with this? It’s still cold. Really cold. Cold enough that 30 degrees and sun seems almost like a summer day. What the hell, Mother Nature? It doesn’t seem like she got the memo that the closer you are to the equator, the warmer it should be.

I’ve since decided that running in this weather is unnecessary. Call me a wimp, but it’s just a little much. Even though I’ve got some trust issues with gyms these days, they sure beat running outside with the wind whipping at your ears and the bitter cold air sticking to the inside of your lungs. Or slicing the inside of your lungs, is more like it.

One day I’m sure I’ll find this type of weather invigorating to run in, but today is not that day. Yesterday wasn’t and tomorrow’s not looking good, either. Brr.

Bring a Lock

Who steals car keys?

For real.

Maybe this will go on the Con list for working out inside. This week at my local gym I put my jacket (complete with my phone and keys) in a locker, as always. Now, I have a lock at home but I haven’t used it since high school and I don’t remember the combination, so my locker was unlocked. I’ve never had a problem before, I also like to think the best of people. Well, a girl who saw me walk in, took my keys out of my jacket (as I sat in the sauna nearby) and proceeded to use them to open my car and get inside. The battery on my automatic door-opener thing died, so she actually had to put the key in my door handle to see if it would open in order to figure out which car was mine. After confirming she did in fact steal my keys right out of my jacket pocket, I followed her to out to my car, and there she was, just getting comfy in my front seat. wtf. She saw me walking up to her and was out of my car before I got there (she didn’t seem to take anything), handed my keys back to me, and apologized, saying she thought the keys belonged to her friend. Kids, I drive a very bright car. A car very few people drive. Nobody gets into my car accidentally.

Long story short, a police report was filed and I’ll be investing in a lock for my locker.

Inside vs. Outside Running


Prescription sunnies are the beez kneez!

I’ve been an indoor runner this winter. I can tolerate running in anything above 30 degrees, 20-30 is doable, but below 20 is just terrible. It’s never below 20 degrees in a gym. Plus, the sauna is only steps away when I’m finished. But sometimes, the temperature gets into the 40’s or 50’s and the sun is shining and it’s really nice to just be outside. Today was one of those days (well, 36 degrees was close enough to 40). So I layered up and hit the pavement. Then I made a list comparing the two (because who doesn’t like a list?):

Inside Running:


  • Ellipticals are my best friend. They’re easier on the knees.
  • I can breeze through reruns of Castle while logging my miles.
  • Tank tops all day long, no layering needed.
  • The sauna is close by.


  • Smelly workout neighbors (guys, I’m lookin’ at you).
  • People. Everywhere.
  • Fighting for a spot on one of the two ellipticals I like if I happen to show up at 5:30pm.
  • While I get my heart rate up and break a sweat, sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’m doing a whole lot of work. (On certain days, this is under the Pros list.)

Outside Running:


  • Ahh fresh air. (Unless is trash pick-up day.)
  • Variation, baby! Sidewalk, sand, forest; the options are endless!
  • When the weather is nice I can work on my tan. Well, I can get tan arms, at least.
  • Running with a buddy is way better outside.


  • The elements. Going for a run in the winter? Let’s put on every single article of clothing I own. Summer? Some days any clothes are too many clothes. Rain? Better use that shirt as a tissue unless you enjoy blowing snot rockets down the street.
  • Everything about running outside hurts. Holy sore legs, Batman.

(I really think those two things should count as two bullets each. The extra effort and the weather are the only Cons I can think of for running outside, but they’re biggies.)

Well, there you have it folks. If you were looking for an accurate portrayal of running outside vs. running inside, it has been spelled out for you.

Happy Running!